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Lucky 13 (Civilian) :iconarkhamredx:ArkhamRedX 2 1


2011 SIN CARA MISTICO :iconalferezoscar:alferezoscar 17 2
Journal #6: Earth-A113 Batman Family Timeline
Earth-A113 Batman Family Timeline
In 1987, at the age of 9, young Bruce Wayne left a theatre with his parents, Thomas and Martha. As they walked down an alley, a mugger named Joe Chill, shot them in cold blood, leaving young Bruce orphaned and under the care of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Under Alfred, Bruce honed his mind trying to work out the identity of his parents killer whilst working alongside Lieutenant James Gordon. Lucius Fox, a close friend of Thomas Wayne and a board member at Wayne Enterprises represented Bruce at the company until he would come of age. At the age of 15, Bruce left Gotham to travel the globe. During his 7 years abroad, Bruce learnt about the mystic arts under Giovanni Zatara and had a short affair with his daughter, Zatanna, trained with the League of Assassins under Ra's Al Ghul, learned multiple languages and completed a handful of major degrees in universities worldwide.
In the year 2000, at the age of 22, Bruce returned to Gotham and started regaini
:iconpixarpickle:PixarPickle 1 14
Sin Cara vs Alberto del Rio :iconrswolvi:rswolvi 34 12 Batman Beyond Rebirth :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 229 13 Who's Next? :iconchadwick-j-coleman:Chadwick-J-Coleman 185 56 Guerra en la Atlantida :iconataud:ataud 23 9 Luchadores corregidos :iconloup05:LOUP05 75 16 Captain America: Civil War :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 10,655 574 Power Rangers 2017 movie :iconcaptain-gamma:CAPTAIN-GAMMA 171 21 Midnight Owl (reimagined) :iconmidnightowl07:midnightowl07 30 22 (Earth-27) Judas Contract :iconroysovitch:Roysovitch 52 17 Heretic - Joseph Kane (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 114 26 Hepinset, the Lost Pharaoh :iconspriteman1000:spriteman1000 34 2 Under the wolf's skin :iconmokolat:Mokolat 95 17 Nightwing vs Cerberus :iconmercyink87:MercyInk87 19 5 Leonard Snart (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 101 23

Of the current team, the final member will be determined by the contest winner :)
Yes I know that will make 14 so how can they be the lucky 13? Don't worry i have it all figured out!

Also I'm sorry for the weird layout of it all I spend a couple hours typing everything from table i had done in word to a nice format then when I copied it over it got all screwed up so had to go back and fix it :/ this is what came out hopefully it is fine.

Special thanks to:
MercyInk87 for letting me use Cerberus
Dkalban for Ronin and Redbird
AzureVirgo for Silhouette, Wildfire and Nightshade
Roysovitch for creating the team picture!
Lucky 13 (Civilian) by ArkhamRedX

Art by phil-cho


Name: Ambush Bug (Irwin Schwab)

Aliases: The Bug

Nationality: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Role on Team: Self-Appointed Leader

Relationships: Cheeks (Adopted Son/Ward), Red Bird (Protégé)

-Limited Teleportation
(Granted by Ambush Bug suit)
-Wide Knowledge of Certain Individuals
-Access to the Bug Hive
(Lucky 13s hideout/base of operations)
-High Pain Tolerance

Designation:      001 1/2

Name: Cheeks (Bartholomew Cheeks)

Aliases: The Toy Wonder

Nationality: Made In China

Age: Unknown

Role on Team: Electrical Field Shut Down

Relationships: Ambush Bug (Adoptive Father), Hasbro (Manufacture)

-Can Float
-EMP Qualities
(Built in from over exposure to Ambush bugs suit)


Designation:      002

Name: Nightwing (Stephanie Grayson)

Aliases: Spoiler

Nationality: American

Age: 24

Role on Team: Leader In Training

Relationships: NightHawk (Brother), Lady Arkham (Mother), Black Canary (Mentor/Trainer)

-Peak Agility/Flexibility from being on the NYC University Cheer squad.
-Strong Leadership Qualities
-Training in Various Fighting Styles
-Master of Stealth
-Nightwing Suit Stealth
(When activated can become almost invisible in the right conditions. Created by Ambush Bug.)
-Uses two Eskrima sticks that have built in (limited time use) Tasers.
-Also highly skilled in hand to hand combat with training of various.


Designation:      003

Name: Suicide (Nathan Scofield)

Aliases: Arkham X

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 24

Role on Team: Infiltrator

Relationships: Wildcat (Mentor/Trainer), NightHawk (Life Long Friend), Black Spider (Trainer)

-Boxing Skill
-Excellent Shadowing/Stealth Ability
-High Stamina
-No Fear (Can also be a downfall)
-Tech Exo-Suit (Suicide Suit)
(Created by Lex Luther, the wearer can withstand more damage than the average person. As well as enhancing human strength, speed and reflexes.)
-Mostly sticking to hand combat with his strong punches and high stamina.

Designation:      004

Name: Ronin (Joseph Kane)

Aliases: Red Bird

Nationality: American

Age: 27

Role on Team: Team Sponsor

Relationships: Red Bird (Brother), Blue Beetle/Booster Gold (Business Partners), RAGE (Ward)

-Owner of a multi-million dollar corporation. (Sunfounder Inc.)
-Peak Athletic Ability
-Strong Knowledge in Technology
-Tech Exo-Suit (Ronin Suit)
(Created by the combine effort of Blue Beetle and Ronin, the wearer can withstand more damage than the average person. As well as enhancing human strength, speed and reflexes)
-Long staff made of strong material. Can conduct small electric field when activated.
(Created by Ronin)


Designation:       005

Name: Cerberus (Henrik Nordeen)

Aliases: Hank Henderson

Nationality: Swedish

Age: 41

Role on Team: Mentor

Relationships: S.T.R.I.P.E.S. (UNES), Star Girl (God Daughter/Protégé), Green Arrow (Former Partner)

-Advanced Military Training
(With the United Nations Elite Squad)
-Assassin training under Ra’s al Ghul.
(Swedish, Danish, German, English, Russian)
-Highly proficient in hand to hand combat. Rarely uses weapons since turning vigilante.
-Able to use a wide variety of guns and blades.



Designation:       006

Name: NightHawk (Dick Grayson)

Aliases: Robin

Nationality: American

Age: 28

Role on Team: Mentor/Trainer

Relationships: Nightwing (Sister), Lady Arkham (Mother), Suicide (Life Long Friend)

-Peak human Abilities in athletics, stamina, and acrobatics.
-Highly skilled fighter.
-Years of experience as a masked crime fighter.
-Trained by many masters.
-Well Educated.
-NightHawk Suit Stealth
(When activated can become almost invisible in the right conditions. Created by Ambush Bug.)
- uses two Eskrima sticks that have built in (limited time use) Tasers. These Eskrima sticks can attach together to become a long staff.


Designation:       007

Name: Black Spider (Eric Needham)

Aliases: The Spider, Sgt. of Arms

Nationality: American

Age: 38

Role on Team: Mentor/Infiltrator

Relationships: Suicide (Protégé), Black Mask (Former Employer)

-Strong knowledge of the criminal world.
-Master thief
-Master of stealth.
-Ability to use almost any weapon with satisfactory results.
-A multipurpose gun designed and developed by Luthor Corp. for Black Mask. Has three setting. (Lethal, Non-Lethal and Paralyzing)


Designation:       008

Name: Red Bird (Samuel Kane)

Aliases: N/A

Nationality: American

Age: 23

Role on Team: Hero in Training

Relationships: Ronin (Brother), Ambush Bug (Mentor)

-Heightened strength acquired by football training at Gotham University.
-Power of Flight.
(Wings and small jetpack built into his suit. Created by Blue Beetle against Ronin’s wishes.
-Trust Worthy
(Creates strong bonds with other teammates)
-Fortified gauntlets that adds strength.
-Can use suits wings a blade like weapons and dive bombs from the sky.


Designation:       009

Name: Guardian (John Diggle)

Aliases: Sharp Shooter, Arrow

Nationality: American

Age: 34

Role on Team: Security

Relationships: Green Arrow (Former Partner), FireFly (Cousin)

-Military Training (Former mercenary used in overseas altercations.)
-Training under Green Arrow as a former crime fighting partner.
-Master knowledge in security protocols and systems.
-Skilled in various classes of guns. With his main being a pistol he calls “The Guardian”.


Designation:       010

Name: RAGE (Colin Wilkins)

Aliases: Subject 10

Nationality: American

Age: 13

Role on Team: Heavy Hitter

Relationships: Ronin (Legal Guardian)

-Super Strength
(From being experimented on by Cadmus. Alongside 9 other child [ still MIA])
(Being the Ward of Ronin)
-High Pain Tolerance


Designation:       011

Name: Renegade (Rose Wilson)

Aliases: Ravenger, Lady Deathstroke

Nationality: German/American

Age: 23

Role on Team: International Connection

Relationships: Deathstroke (Father), Tigress (Cousin), Sports Master (Uncle)

-Excellent training across the board courtesy of her father and uncle.
-Skilled in sword play as well as other melee type weapons.
-Heightened senses due to lose of eye.
-Contacts worldwide.
-Uses a Katana forged in the mountains of Germany. (Although she has a strict no killing rule.)


Designation:       012

Name: Star Girl (Courtney Whitmore)

Aliases: Star-Spangled Kid

Nationality: American

Age: 21

Role on Team: Hero in Training

Relationships: S.T.R.I.P.E.S. (Father), Cerberus (God Father/Mentor)

-Increased Strength (due to the cosmic belt)
-Limited Gravity Manipulation (due to the Cosmic Staff)
-Excellent Reflexes from being on the NYC University Cheer squad
-Cosmic belt and staff alongside hand to hand combat.


Designation:       013

Name: Widow (Catalina Flores)

Aliases: Agent Flores

Nationality: Mexican

Age: 36

Role on Team: Intel

Relationships: Amanda Waller (Former Employer)

-Peak physical ability.
-FBI training
-Access to FBI Intel.
-Uses Eskrima sticks with built in smoke bombs for quick escape. As well as a FBI issue pistol.


Designation:       CONTEST WINNER

Name:                  CONTEST WINNER

Aliases:               CONTEST WINNER

Nationality:         CONTEST WINNER

Age:                       CONTEST WINNER

Role on Team:   CONTEST WINNER

Relationships:    CONTEST WINNER

Abilities:               CONTEST WINNER


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